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BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

Cardiff School of Art & Design


Degree Show

This year has tested us both as designers and as individuals. As students, we have had to adapt and work through unprecedented uncertainty, unsure of what the future may look like to a greater extent than we could have prepared for. As an expected highlight of this academic year, we had eagerly prepared an end of year show within which we would have presented our work, connected to the industry of design and demonstrated our passionate skills to our friends and families.

Despite the physical aspect of this show now being out of reach, we have remained resilient and versatile, focusing on the impactful nature of communication. We have utilised online space to create and share work that matters to us. In keeping with this aspect, this year’s show captures important social issues, personal journeys and thought-provoking audience reflection. As a community, we have utilised art and design to communicate and connect with a wide-reaching audience throughout a period in which this matters most.

Join us in celebrating our work, our tutors & everyone who has helped us reach this stage of our careers.

During times of uncertainty, the best sense
of clarity can be found within one another.