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About Us.

Communication matters.

Graphic Communication makes an essential contribution to the material and visual cultures that surround us. It is a powerful catalyst for social, cultural and political change, has the power to shape behaviour, inform perceptions and guide attention.

We engage with cutting edge studio practice, collaborate with other disciplines, explore methods and theory, work on live briefs with real clients and undertake self-directed design projects through typography, image and narrative.

We believe that the role of the designer is equally critic, curator, author, craftsperson, philosopher, communicator, collaborator and instigator. On the Graphic Communication degree at Cardiff Met, we explore the changing landscape and role of graphic design within a 21st century context, dealing with the challenges of globalisation, inclusivity and sustainability.

“In a time where we often feel bombarded with information and overwhelmed by polemic, we ask our graduates to be advocates for positive change, and to draw clarity from the visual noise of the modern world.”

Community matters.